W50: Act 1 (P4)



– LY?? Hello? (Beat)LY are you ok? (Beat)Hello?

(SHADOW dances towards center stage-right. MUSIC: Vivaldi’s ‘La Notte-Largo: 00:52 – 01:12 picks up. Ly breaks from balled-up position, stretching up like just awaken from sleep. SHADOW mimics Ly’s movement. Ly recognizes SHADOW, goes to stand across it. spot lights on SHADOW and Ly..Music subdues)

SHADOW (voiced over by Actor #1)

– I’m boarding that plane in about fifteen hours.


– Are you scared?


– No, not that. I don’t know what to be scared of, or to expect.


– Are you sad?


– Sad… For what?


– For not knowing what to expect.


– The plane doesn’t return, I’ll be traveling for an eternity. That’s a long time to expect for.


– I can’t imagine you without any feeling.


– I’m only who you think I am. What do I feel?


– You feel like your breath is drawn out of you, like you’re dancing a devil dance in which each step erodes your existence a little. You feel like falling and the air tightens around you, it coagulates and it strangles you. You feel all of your compartments without knowing what they are for, what are your hands for, your legs, your belly. You see yourself thinking but you don’t produce a single thought. You follow your eye sight, you see everything and not understanding anything. You have thorns coming out of your stomach, yet you don’t have any pain. The thorns are you. There are too many sounds you can’t distinguish and what you hear is but a storm of silence. But there’s music, yes there is music. It guides you. You go where it goes, like floating along a very very gentle river. You see your destination without ever reaching it. And you don’t want to arrive anywhere. You don’t expect anything. Unless, unless to find someone. Yes you want to find someone. (Picks up a few sheets on the floor)You want to see, hear, feel the person. You want to be embraced. You want to (beat)not be so lonely in infinity (beat)because infinity is… is…(Go towards the panel again)I want to see you.


– I’m here 

(spotlight off. Flush light on stage)


– Yes. You’re here. I’m good now. Yes.

(SHADOW dances again. All light off, UV lights on. All the papers, clothes and white things reflect the UV shine. MUSIC: Vivaldi’s La Notte: presto: 00:00-00:15, p)

(to be continued)

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I write to describe, with hopes that my description is truthful.
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