Week 45: “Bubble, Gamma, Boredom, Dot, Trapeze, Red, Truth, Chicken, Tall”

I tell Al I had so many bubbles for him – I’ve saved them for quite some time now, just didn’t know when to give it to him. They’re nice bubbles but nobody just gives people bubbles, you know, especially to someone special, so I waited. Today at one point our current conversation led to bubbles (or maybe it was led to me and my saving habit, I can’t remember, it was too red) and then I blurted out. Al’s face, that lovely trapeze of a face, lost three of its four points and gee I didn’t see this coming, turned into an ugly dot, freak freak freak what do I do what did I do how do I know the truth could turn somebody’s face into a dot, given boredom, the strongest tallest most powerful transformation tool could only ever reflect a fraction of gamma rays that nourish our plants. Al, Al, what do I do now? Can I untruth what I’ve said to you? Al, beloved Al, Al whose love for bubbles made him travel to Slo Land where all chickens have a second stomach, a bubble of a stomach, the urn of phantoms, wanted by all and guarded by no one for if the chicken gave up their stomach phantoms would be released into our world and scare all the cows. And we cows froze to death from that. And Al who loved us just keep the chicken inside Sto Land and opened them up so he could see the bubbles. He didn’t know how I did this, of course he didn’t know. The point was that I’d done so for him but now he’s a dot.

Al, what do I do? I love you so much. I’d tell you how I did it but could you still hear me, a dot that you are now? Al, they’re all here with me, those bubbles, the nicest one in any known world. All for you Al.

The dot is still here, not Al.


Oops I’ve been lying for too long now I just kept going but the story wasn’t like that. Nope. Lemme try again.

AI is a cow. We all are. He has an addiction of gamma-bending bubbles. Those are rare – you do have to go to Sto Land and catch truth chickens and open their second stomach and tilt them this specific way for the bubbles to emerge, then if you’re very patient and don’t mind your own hair peeled off patch by patch, starting from the bags under your eyes where the hair is finest, then you wait in pain. AI seems not to mind cuz he’s done that a few times now (if he hadn’t need to wait for his hair to grow back he’d have done it every day but cows hair is just not the fastest growing thing on earth, similarly the skin beneath it). The wait awards you with the light being bent in the most marvellous way as the photons fly out in circles, yes in circles, and we cows are happy.

So AI told me all that the 103,449th time. His tall trapeze of a face wiggles wiggles. His hooves knock and knob on the field. His tail waggles in the chase of a dot whose choreograph is perceptible only to AI’s ass. Well I dare to say it’s a stupendous dance though nobody but me sees it. It saves me from the cowness boredom. I don’t like being a cow. There’re too few nice things about being a cow. Actually there’s nothing nice coming out of being a cow. Except for that you get to be near AI. That, no words could fully describe. I used to be able to fully describe that, mind you, as I’m a cow who can talk about things I like, just like AI who talks about the bubbles. I talk about leaves and the color turquoise and the sound of the hacking tube; it’s him all the time without him knowing it. I’m that skilled.

AI doesn’t know either that I do have a red bubble for him. I went to Sto Land. I’m in absolute fear of pain so I didn’t open the chicken up. I thought I could manoeuvre this deed smarter. I go then to see AI whose hair is growing back. He’s nodding and browsing with Ueng, the gentle thin one, twin of Leng, the gentle fat one. I motion AI out. He follows.

I tell AI if he opens my second stomach he’ll get a chicken whose stomach has already been slashed. AI should tilt me until the photon comes out. I’m 100% sure they will come out without AI’s hair peeled off. It is peeling me from inside instead. I feel that and also the gamma-bending light. Ah, now I can’t describe that in full, it’s getting too painful. Can’t outsmart pain I guess.

The last thing I tell AI is that I’m glad the phantoms don’t come out and kill us all. I mean AI, I hope he lives well. His hair just started to grow back so he looks somewhat ill but he’s still the closest to beautiful any cowness could near.

Al, what do I do? I love you so much. I’d tell you but I’m feeling like talking doesn’t make sense anymore. Do you get the bubble AI?

Still nothing is as beautiful as your cowness.


About tara1910

I write to describe, with hopes that my description is truthful.
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