Week 43: “I, Cactus, Shred, A, Got, Moon, Have, To, Fiber”

When I was seven my aunt said to me

Another cactus week and you’d have the moon to shred

I did not know what she meant

Until I was eight

And she said

Half a cactus week more

I thought by the time I was ten

Something long forgotten should rise

And havoc

And have thorns and pierce my eyes out like a fox

And turn back into the moon

Which I’d shred

And not forgiving

The week that had gone

By nine and a half

My fangs were sharp and my ears sharper

And all fiber in my lungs shield them up

And scales covered my back

And my eyes could see farther than the eagle’s third mind

A quarter to nine

My stomach could digest a whole worm

And my throat spit storms

And my growl scared even my aunt

Who said

Did you forget

The moon

Oh the moon

That hadn’t appear for a hundred and seven years

In the songs of dirt

But aunt here I am waiting

With my fangs and wings

For another cactus week

My aunt got sick

And silent

And the count slowed down


The twin of the sun

Jerked a ball towards us

That was the last week

Before I turned ten

And my heart

Swallowed the heat

And my aunt

With one eye still glimmering with hunger and hatred

Ripped it off me

The sun shone

On what later would be called

The young moon shredder

Who – poor her – never

Had reached the final cactus week

With arms as thick

As mongo trees

And legs

As strong

As the color of dawn

And nose

That could sniff out every ant in any corner of the world

Poor her

The one forgotten

But not forgiven


Searching for a moon

To shred

About tara1910

I write to describe, with hopes that my description is truthful.
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