Week 42: “Octopus, Heart, Street, Sky, Drape, Year, Tall, Triangle, Coffee”

The Turtle looked at me and said “You have the heart of an Octopus.”

Now I LIKED octopuses, they’re round, red; they crawl like heavy clouds on the bottom of the sea; they are curious. But I did not know their heart. So I asked the turtle “What does that mean?”

The turtle said “Exactly” then paddled away.

Marine creatures are just strange. If I am to possess the heart of an animal I’d rather it be of an aerial one, like Square Dishes, with their folding sets of wings and their dusky feathers that swivel forever mid air and block the Smaller Dishes from breathing so the Smaller Dishes die soon after they’re born, and they drift to the Quak and become fertilizer for the Quak Ants.

So I did not think of that anymore, but then on the 6th of March when Nion reversed, my morning coffee was visited by a one-eyed octopus who wanted to recite the story of his life. If I knew this story would become mine I might have thought about it a little more, but at that moment I basically was looking at the street without so much as half a thought in my mind so I said “go ahead.”

This Octopus was born out of a love triangle between his mom Octozacodron and Venom Tall and Venom Short, of this latter he said the mix of venoms ate up his eyes. His body produced enough immunoglobulin for him to survive, and besides the fact that he grew terribly fast one of his eyes regenerated. This eye only saw triangles – triangle Corals, triangle Sea Cucumber, triangle Laplax, but it was really just a small inconvenience. He asked if I agreed, well, I wasn’t in opposition of that so I said I agreed.

Then he said “thank you, that’s all I need to know. Now I shall complete the transformation for you.”


He said “Your life has always been in danger as you get closer and closer to the sky. Not that you fly, no, but the sky has been falling down at a horrific rate. You can’t see it, and face it you don’t see much of anything at all, the thing is, without transformation you will not live past this year end. I am here because I promised the Sea to protect you. You’re one of us anyway. You don’t know it, really, and here to face it again, you don’t know much at all, the thing is, there are inescapable things like the sky falling but there are also reversible stuff, like turning you back into a Blue Soil Creature.”

I said “If not how long do I have left?”

He said “it’s irrelevant because the transformation has already begun. When you agreed to seeing triangles as a small convenience you’ve started re-turning into what you were originally.”

Gee fucking lord, the squat was I originally?

But I did not have enough time to finish that thought. My mouth had flattened and my chin disappeared. My neck lengthened so much I had a feeling I was reeling forward. My legs merged into what I recognized was a tail. Now I couldn’t turn my head that much anymore but I was still able to look back because my eyes were on the sides of my head (I no longer felt pretty) and I saw large fins growing out of my blue, smooth body. Somehow I was horizontal without moving from my upright position. And I saw the sky. The sky, so close it looked like it draped on me. Yes I saw the sky. Orange, or a color I was no longer sure of.

And the Octopus final words blended into my matted skin: “Comes Tra.”

About tara1910

I write to describe, with hopes that my description is truthful.
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