Week 41: “Song, Nathan, Larson, Top, Upright, Team, No hair, Off-white”


I’d ride a shark one day, says Nathan

You can, says Larson

The shark will sing a song I wouldn’t understand, but I’d smile with it, says the one with no hair

You can, says Larson

We would swim to that iceberg that shows three of its million tops, says the one whose skin is way way way off-white, rather dark-grey-green-almost-dead

You mean tip, says Larson

Top, Larson, top. They’re so wide, like mountains, says the one who no longer sits upright

You can, says Larson

I’ll stand there a bit, says he before sleep

You can, says Larson

Could you take a picture of me? Asks the one who speaks as softly as a whisperer

I will. I’ll show it to you. A picture of yours and the shark on that iceberg tip – top, says Larson

But would your camera get wet? Asks a voice that breaks

I’ll have a water proof case for it, reassures Larson

It would be such a good picture, says a silent touch of a face resting on the pillow

It would be such a good picture, says Larson.


The team who has been standing around does not know what is said afterward.

About tara1910

I write to describe, with hopes that my description is truthful.
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